Providing Objective, Practical, and Experienced Advice

in Hispanic Market Penetration and Hispanic Workforce Management

How to Win the Hispanic Gold Rush:
Critical Cultural, Demographic, Marketing, and Motivational Factors

(Note: This presentation is based on the book: How to Win the Hispanic Gold Rushâ„¢. For more information, visit:


  • Explain the reasons for the limited success experienced by some organizations when trying to reach/serve Hispanics
  • Communicate a series of key demographic, cultural and motivational factors to consider when dealing with Hispanics
  • Provide a solid understanding of how to effectively reach this ethnic group

Who Should Attend

  • C-Level Executives or Owners Companies
  • Executives planning to leverage the Hispanic market opportunity
  • Professionals responsible for creating and implementing campaigns to reach/serve Hispanics
  • Communication professionals interested in enhancing their working knowledge of the Hispanic culture
  • English-speaking professionals who interface with Spanish-speaking personnel/clients/customers
  • Professionals in charge of creating motivational/service programs focused on Hispanics

Presentation Content

  • Presentation Objectives
  • Reasons for Experiencing Limited Success when Trying to Reach/Serve Hispanics
  • Key Hispanic Demographic Indicators
    • Population growth/aging
    • Purchasing power growth
    • Features of Hispanic segment
  • Hispanic Cultural Characteristics
    • Personality Traits
    • Group and Social Dynamics
    • Relationships
    • Time perception and management
    • Hispanic Need Hierarchy
  • Reaching the Hispanic market
  • Success stories
  • Where Do We Go From Here? Next Steps?
  • Q&A and Feedback
  • Closing Remarks
  • Evaluation and Suggestions