Providing Objective, Practical, and Experienced Advice in Strategy
and Integrated Marketing Communications and Workforce Management

What We Do
Valle Consulting provides advice to companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions in the areas of strategy, development of a sustainable competitive advantage, integrated marketing communications (IMC), advertising, marketing,  and multicultural markets.

Our clients count on Valle Consulting to solve their most pressing strategic and IMC issues on their minds:

  • What are the most effective strategies to use to leverage the opportunities that the global and domestic markets offer.
  • What is the level of readiness of the organization to pursue global and/or domestic markets.
  • How to develop a sustainable competitive advantage in the market place.
  • How to brand and position products or services for the target segments in a global and domestic market place.
  • How to market in a culturally relevant way.
  • What items to include in the evaluation matrix to determine whether the strategic and IMC initiatives are producing the desired results.

... And How We Do It

We help organizations determine their ideal global and domestic vision and a way to achieve it.  We:
  • Provide organizations a thorough understanding of the global and domestic markets.
  • Work in partnership with key members of organizations to determine their ideal global and/or domestic vision, strategy, and IMC plan.
  • Apply a proprietary process that allows organizations to analyze, evaluate, and determine what strategic and marketing initiatives offer them the highest potential ROI.  This process includes the following five steps:
    • Development of the business rational for pursuing the global or domestic market segments and determination of the real market opportunity.
    • Evaluation of the organizations' readiness level to undertake a strategic or IMC initiative.
    • Completion of a competitor analysis and strategic plan element identification.
    • Identification and evaluation of key elements to use in the strategic and IMC plans, and determination in collaboration with members of organizations of the new or modified organizational structure needed to attain the new vision and strategy.
    • Implementation of strategic and IMC plans and completion of on-going operation audits.
  • Assist in the identification and implementation of culturally attuned symbols to reinforce the actions taken by the leadership team.
  • Facilitate the development of new or modified global and domestic targets or goals for organizations.  

Valle Consulting offers to clients not only the most relevant cultural knowledge and insights but also experts who have written the book about it. For this reason, in addition to traditional consulting services, we offer expert speakers in these areas for a 15-minute speech or a full-day seminar. To learn more about the content of our presentations please, visit the Client Services section. Remember, these speeches or presentations will be custom-tailored for your organization.

About Dr. Francisco J. Valle
Dr. Francisco J. Valle is the President of Valle Consulting. He develops and implements Strategic and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plans for organizations looking for an increase in market share, revenues and profits in both general and multicultural markets. Dr. Valle is highly analytical with a unique ability to identify initiatives to transform organizations and to turn into value cross-functional opportunities of complementary assets. He leverages his in-depth industry background including start-up, turn-around and margin improvement of multi-unit operations. Dr. Valle is biliterate and applies not only a proprietary fact-based framework developed for his doctoral dissertation titled: The Future Society of America: A Hispanic Paradox, but also key knowledge of Hispanic culture described in How To Win The Hispanic Gold Rush™, a book he coauthored and that was selected for inclusion in Forbes Magazine’s Book Club.

Dr. Valle applies an empirical and proprietary strategy-evaluation framework to answer questions with national and international implications at the intersection of strategy, marketing, big data, predictive analytics, technology, and cultural knowledge. He leverages for clients the opportunities that social, digital and e-commerce media, artificial intelligence, brand positioning, a sustainable competitive advantage, and the multicultural markets offer to them.

Dr. Valle possesses proven client and advertising/marketing agency expertise in consumer and commercial markets – B2B and B2C. He teaches Global Marketing and Strategy at UCLA Extension. Institutions advised include Federally Qualified Clinics, major cable companies and programmers, Merrill Lynch, Tri-City Medical Center, U.S.T.A., Wal-Mart, and YMCA.

In prior leadership roles with Fortune 100 companies, Dr. Valle held positions of increasing responsibility in marketing, staff, and management. His experience includes full P&L responsibility of organizations with multidisciplinary teams with up to 1,400 employees and $500 million in revenue. Dr. Valle is accustomed to communicating and working with C-Level executives, government agencies, elected officials, and employees in union and non-union environments.

Some of the international recognitions of Dr. Valle’s unique expertise include: a) conducting in 2016 a presentation titled: “Using Big Data and Language Services to Leverage U.S. Multi-Cultural Demographic Changes” at the
Connect.Communicate.Care. – On Demand Health: The New Medicine Symposium in Las Vegas, NV; b) having received Merrill Lynch’s prestigious Global Leadership in Diversity Award for his creative strategic approach in this area; c) serving as a member of BP Oil’s Worldwide Center of Expertise Committee in Logistics and Distribution; and d) developing with the Institute of the Americas a “Selling Consumer Goods to Hispanics” conference for executives from the United States and Latin America. Nationally, Dr. Valle served on the first National Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing’s Multicultural Marketing Committee and received four Palm Awards for advertising campaigns developed for clients. At the state level, Dr. Valle was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to co-chair the
Communications and Outreach Subcommittee of the Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities in the State of California. Locally, he was named both the 2014 Community Healthcare Champion Award by the San Diego Business Journal and the 2013 Health Professional of the Year Latino Champion by the U-T San Diego.

Dr. Valle holds a Ph.D. in Management and an Executive Certificate in Strategy from Claremont Graduate University's The Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management. He also earned an M.B.A. from California State University, Fullerton, and a B.S. in Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Biology from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Dr. Valle completed Corporate Governance Training at both Harvard Business School, and UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management.

                                   Dr. Valle can be reached at: