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What it Takes to be an Employer of Choice for Hispanics


  • Explain the challenges experienced by some organizations when trying to become an employer of choice for Hispanics
  • Communicate a series of 10 characteristics an organization must have to be considered an employer of choice by Hispanics
  • Provide an in-depth knowledge of the symbols employers must show to demonstrate that they are a culturally relevant employer of choice for Hispanics
  • Discuss what it takes for the organization to become an employer of choice for Hispanics

Who Should Attend

  • C-Level Executives or Owners of Companies
  • C-Level Executives or Owner’s Direct Reports
  • Key HR Executives and Employees
  • Professionals in charge of creating motivational/service programs focused on Hispanics

Presentation Content

  • Objectives
  • Reasons for Experiencing Limited Success when Trying To Become An Employer of Choice for Hispanics
  • Key Indicators of Not Being Considered An Employer of Choice by Hispanics
  • Understanding the 10 Characteristics An Organization Must Have To Be Considered An Employer of Choice by Hispanics:
  • Company Legacy
  • Known as a Culturally Relevant Caring Company
  • Having A Culturally Relevant Caring and Visionary Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and HR Department
  • Demonstrating A Culturally Relevant Supportive and Servant Attitude towards The Employees
  • Consistent Employment Stability
  • Fairly Set-Up, Applied and Enforced Rules, Standards and Procedures
  • Providing All the Necessary Training and Tools to Get the Job Done On A Consistence Basis
  • Competitive or Superior Wages, Salaries and Benefits
  • Meaningful Rewards Awarded for Superior Performance
  • Community Involvement and Support in a Culturally Relevant Way
  • Case Studies
  • Determination of Current Standing of Company
  • Where Do We Go From Here? Next Steps?
  • Q&A
  • Closing Remarks